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* A "qualified party" has $200+ in party sales and 3 buying guests. The Host is not a guest, and the Host Program rewards do not count toward party sales. Host Dollars may not be used to buy half-priced items. Chocolatiers are not eligible to redeem the 20% discount coupon. To be eligible for the Ms. Brown Box of signature products, parties must be scheduled with your party order and held and submitted within 3 months of your party. Gift subject to substitution without notice.

Party Sales* Host Dollars* Half-Priced Bundes*
$1000+ $200 4
$900-$999 $135 4
$800-$899 $120 4
$700-$799 $105 3
$600-$699 $90 3
$500-$599 $75 3
$400-$499 $40 2
$300-$399 $30 2
$200-$299 $20 2
FREE Baking Mix
With 10 buying guests, you can choose ANY of our baking mixes FREE.
Receive a VIP signature Mars Product Box
when two of your guests book and hold their own parties.

We'll ship the goodies directly to you!

20% Off
Get 20% off your next purchase of up to $100 within 3 months of your party.
1/2 Priced Shopping
Get even MORE of your faves with half-priced shopping – based on the size of your party. Look for "host price" on our bundles to see your best deals!
Free Shipping
Free shipping on the items you order through the Host Program.

Shipping will be charged on additional items.

Start Your Own Chocolate Business
Use your Host Dollars to purchase your starter kit and start your chocolate business today!
$20 of Free Product
Get an additional $20 in free product for every $100 in increments over $1000!!

Just invite friends…and relax!
Your Chocolatier’s got this.

  • Invitations are simple with our electronic invitation and reminder system.
  • Your friends will love tasting premium DOVE® chocolate products exclusively available through DCD. We guarantee they’ll be surprised and delighted – Chocolate Chipotle Hot Sauce anyone?
  • Share your online personal party link with those who can’t attend and watch your party sales (and rewards) increase!
  • Our products are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and the 100-year history of Mars, Incorporated.
  • Enjoy your scrumptious, chocolatey Host Rewards!
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