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Discover a new way to experience chocolate.

Whether you're looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity to replace a full time income or just need a little extra cash, you can balance your work and your life with DOVE CHOCOLATE DISCOVERIES™.

Why DCD?
  • BRAND RECOGNITION. DOVE® chocolate is globally recognized as a high-quality brand. As a Chocolatier, you're walking in the door with respect and recognition, AND you have exclusive distribution to gourmet products that can’t be found in stores.

  •  EARN MORE MONEY FASTER WITH DCD. Make up to 40% commissions on your sales; earn commissions on your team members FOREVER; earn more commissions in the same month that you promote; no geographic territories; FREE credit card processing and a DCD-funded Host plan. These are just some of the ways you EARN MORE with us.

  • FEW OF US, MORE OF THEM. We're a young and growing company with a virtually untapped market. Why be one of millions somewhere else, when you could be one of the first in your area with DCD?

  • A CHOCOLATE ICON. DCD is backed by a global company with over 100 years experience creating iconic, global brands. We make M&M’S and SNICKERS – do we need to say more?

  • A HOT COMMODITY IN ANY ECONOMY. Whatever the weather, the season or the economic times, people's taste for chocolate is timeless and virtually recession-proof. And because chocolate gets eaten, people keep coming back for more.

  • WE'RE MORE THAN CHOCOLATE. Discover a new way to experience chocolate! We're a lifestyle brand that provides unique, gourmet products for the many facets of your customer’s life:  from gourmet cooking, to baking, to gifting!