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MeLissa Rocco, Chocolatier

Join me for recipes and fun!

Do you love chocolate?   Do you enjoy taking a break from your crazy busy life to hang out with friends and just relax? Or are you looking for a way to contribute to your family financially or tap into your entrepreneural without disrupting the careful balance (or making the chaos worse) that keeps your family from imploding? I'm here to offer some sweet help!
Did you seriously just ask me if I love chocolate ~ who doesn't?!
If you love chocolate, you're going to love all that we have to offer ~ from savory surprises to both trendy and traditional favorites, you're sure to find something you'll love!!
It's been so long since my friends and I actually saw each other....can you help?
It would be sweet pleasure! I love helping friends find an excuse to spend time in the same room with each other - is there a better excuse than chocolate? I'll help you plan a sweet tasting where you can enjoy hanging out, trying a few of our products and shopping. As an added bonus to spending some time with your friends, you'll get free chocolate based upon the sales at your show!
I'm really busy, though...doesn't it take a lot of time and effort to plan a party?
Everyone (including me!) is so busy these days! I keep the process of hosting very easy. We'll do a lot of our check-ins via text/facebook messages so that we can keep in touch with ease. I set up your invitation for you and you'll send some private messages/texts to your guests to let them know about the invite and to remind them to attend.   A short trip to the grocery store for just a few things (some of which you probably have at home!) and we're ready to party! I also offer a fun Facebook Party option that fits great into busy schedules - we can party in our PJs without ever leaving our homes! (This is also GREAT if you're out of the Colorado Springs area or most of the people you know are ~ I've hosted parties all over the U.S. this way!!)
I love being a mom and being home with my children, but I wish I could help with our finances ~ I kind of miss working sometimes (never thought I'd say that!). Is this something that I could work around my family and other commitments?
Yes, in fact, if it weren't flexible, I wouldn't be in this business. As a single mother of a son with autism, the opportunity to have a supplemental income source that works around when he's with me, church and other commitments was of utmost importance to me and to many of my team members.   If you have as little as 5-10 hours per week, you can definitely make a difference to your family!

What do I do to learn more about purchasing chocolate goodies/gifts, hosting or joining your team?
Just call me, email me or text me and I'll give you the support you need to do any or all of these things. It's all about you!

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Be a Chocolatier

No chocolate experience needed.

Great Pay

Earn up to 40% on personal sales plus more when you grow your team. Work a schedule that works for your lifestyle and your income goals.

Amazing Support

Enjoy all the benefits of an early-stage company with all the support of a global leader. We'll teach you a proven model to experience immediate and long-term success.

Iconic Products

Made by Mars, Inc with more than 100 years of chocolate experience making brands like M&M's®, Snickers®, and Dove®.

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Host a Party

Chocolate, the easy yes!

Free Product

Hosts receive free and half-price items based on their party size. Treat yourself to a White Chocolate Daiquiri or a chocolate spice rub. Our hosts get the most!

Fun with Friends

When the question is "Chocolate"? - the answer is "Yes!". From martinis to BBQ - share an all-new chocolate experience with your friends.

Family Favorites

Experience some of our customer's favorite products and learn easy, elegant recipes that will quickly become your family's favorites, too!

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Shop for Chocolate

Hard to resist. Easy to make.


We take great care in the production of chocolate from bean to bar, which results in our signature silky smooth taste.

Not Available
in Stores

Only available through your independent Chocolatier to ensure peak freshness and your satisfaction.

for Everyone

From classic candies to savory sauces, we've created a whole new way to enjoy chocolate.

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Learn about Us

Over 100 years experience.


In the 1880's, Frank C. Mars learned chocolate-making in his mother's kitchen. Later in life, he and his wife Ethel, started selling chocolate from their kitchen in Tacoma, Washington.

Today, Dove Chocolate Discoveries brings that home-selling tradition full circle through our Chocolatiers.

Beloved Brands

Walk in the door with the credibility of the world's largest chocolate company. With over 100 years of experience, we've got your back.

Our lucrative career plan, Mars industry leadership, and a product that is second to none, make Dove Chocolate Discoveries an outstanding business opportunity.

Code of Ethics

We are member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), which has stringent rules and guidelines to ensure ethical practices and fair business transactions.

As a member company, we commit to uphold the DSA's Code of Ethics designed specifically to protect our consultants and consumers alike.

Help Us Give Back

Our Chocolatiers nominate recipients and fundraise for the Front Row Foundation. Hosts and party guests contribute either directly or with every purchase of our Molten Lava Cake Mix.

From the science behind cocoa genome to funding economic development projects, Mars is a leader in cocoa sustainability. We are committed to improving the lives of those closest to cocoa.